About BRZ

The Federal Computing Centre (BRZ) is the IT service provider and market-leading e-government partner of the Austrian federal administration.

BRZ News

  • 30.03.2015BRZ welcomes a delegation from Prague

    A delegation from Prague visiting the BRZ headquater

    A study trip led an exalted delegation from Prague and Vice Minister Lukáš Wagenknecht of the Czech Ministry of Finance to the BRZ offices. One focus was put on the topic "Federal budget accounting", as the Czech government is planning to implement a similar system. read more

  • 23.02.2015IT Trends 2015 - What can we expect?

    IT trends for the year 2015

    Every year numerous reports appear in the media, dealing with current IT trends. With excitement the top 10 analysis, led by Gartner, one of the most well-known market research companies in the IT industry, but also of IDC are expected. read more

  • 28.01.2015Digital Agenda for Europe

    Digital Agenda for Europe

    The Digital Agenda for Europe (DAE) aims to reboot Europe's economy and help Europe's citizens and businesses to get the most out of digital technologies. It is the first of seven flagship initiatives under Europe 2020, the EU's strategy to deliver smart sustainable and inclusive growth.  read more


    The members of the BFÜ forum at the BRZ offices

    The management executive forum (BFÜ forum) is an actively used communication platform for operators of electronic record files. Managers from Austria, Germany and Switzerland got together at the BRZ offices to exchange their experiences. read more

  • 22.12.2014Cloud for Europe launches tender for public sector cloud innovation

    Credit: istockphoto

    The Cloud for Europe project today announces the publication of the tender for the joint pre-commercial procurement (Joint PCP) for research and development on cloud computing services for public administrations. The purpose is to research and demonstrate solutions to overcome obstacles for the adoption of cloud computing by the public sector.  read more

  • 09.12.2014Protect data and use data

    BRZ sypmosium

    How will Big Data turn to Smart Data in the public administration? The possibilities and the use of big data for an efficient and citizen-friendly administration were presented at the BRZ symposium “Brave new world of data”. read more

  • 19.11.2014International Symposium "Building Trust in Cloud"

    Cloud experts participating in the symposium, Copyright: EuroCloud

    Over 120 Cloud experts and stakeholders participated in the international symposium “Building Trust in Cloud”, which was organised together with EuroCloud Austria and SECCRIT. read more

  • 16.10.2014BRZ welcomes a delegation from Georgia

    BRZ CEO Roland Jabkowski welcomes a delegation from Georgia

    The BRZ operates the largest e-government data center in Austria. Security, quality and cost efficiency are important success factors. A high-level delegation led by the Vice Minister of Finance of Georgia took a visit to learn from the BRZ know-how. read more

  • 27.08.2014Announcing "Building Trust in Cloud"

    Hand carrying cloud

    The event “Building Trust in Cloud” will take place on the 23rd of September 2014 in Vienna at the Federal Computing Centre of Austria (BRZ). The purpose of this event is to bring together various cloud initiatives and research projects and other interested stakeholders. Organizing parties are the SECCRIT consortium, EURITAS and EuroCloud.  read more

  • 14.07.2014Austro Control uses ELAKlight

    Corporate Logo of Austro Control with an airplane

    The electronic file recording system (ELAK) has a small, slender brother: ELAKlight. It is a powerful, individually customizable document management system for smaller organizational units. Austria’s aviation authority has recently brought this e-government service into its daily operations. read more