Company structure

Company organisation

Austria’s Federal Computing Centre – the BRZ was outsourced from the Federal Computing Office in 1997. Since then the BRZ has been a private enterprise company, owned by the Republic of Austria and represented by the Ministry of Finance.

Governing organisation

The company‘s governing board is made up of nine members, of which three are staff representatives. 


Markus Kaiser, CEO Markus Kaiser, CEO

Christine Sumper-Billinger, CFO Christine Sumper-Billinger, CFO

The company is represented by both or either the Chairman of the Board and the Commercial Director with one of the Authorised Signatories.

Authorised Signatories

Patricia Pekarek Patrizia Pekarek

Günther Lauer Günther Lauer

Thomas Janisch Thomas Janisch

Anton Schicho Anton Schicho

Gernot Silvestri Gernot Silvestri

Ernst Steiner Ernst Steiner

The listed Authorised Signatories each represent the company alongside one of the managers.