About BRZ

The Federal Computing Centre (BRZ) is the IT service provider and market-leading e-government partner of the Austrian federal administration.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the BRZ and what services does the BRZ offer?

The Federal Computing Centre of Austria is the IT service provider and the leading e-government partner of the Federal administration of Austria. The company develops and implements IT solutions and supports the standardisation and harmonisation of the public IT. The use of shared services enables increased efficiency and in particular sustainable cost reduction for BRZ clients. 

What does BRZ mean?

BRZ stands for Bundesrechenzentrum (Federal Computing Centre).

Who are the organisation’s customers?

The BRZ is the ICT service provider for the Austrian administration. The core market is made up of the Federal Ministries and the Chancellery, subordinate agencies, governing bodies and other outsourced legal support, such as the job service, universities and the Federal Accounting Agency.

What are the advantages for the Austrian Federal Government?

The BRZ provides cost-efficient and comprehensive supply of IT-services for the public administration, creates a non-bureaucratic access to authorities for the citizen and manages the constant development and expansion of the e-government. 

Is the BRZ certified?

The quality of the company and its services in various areas have been certified by external experts. These certifications relate primarily to business processes (ISO 27001, IPMA, ISO 9001:2000, SAP-CCOE). Beyond that the BRZ has been certified for its commitment concerning the work life balance of its employees.  

What is the BRZ law?

Position, market and tasks of the privately run organisation was established and determined in the BRZ law. Thus, the law legally transfers IT tasks and contracts that have been obtained within public competition to the BRZ - especially considering the development, maintenance and operation of IT applications and IT infrastructure as well as procurement and provisioning of IT resources.

Does the BRZ welcome delegations and which criteria must be met?

The BRZ welcomes delegations on the following conditions:

  • Institutions and organisations need to be in public ownership
  • They must operate exclusively in IT- and e-government

In order to offer the best possible service quality, we ask for timely notification of your appointment requests and wishes. 

Who is the general contact person?

General contact: Manoela Bodiroza, Manoela.Bodiroza@brz.gv.at