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07.02.2014 e-Justice: Transnational digitisation

Copyright: Austrian Ministry of Justice. Roland Jabkowski, CEO of the Federal Computing Center of Ausria, at the e-Justice Conference 2014

In January representatives of the European justice met at the e-Justice Conference „e-Communication in the Field of Justice“ in the Austrian Ministry of Justice (BMJ) in Vienna. Discussions focused on different uses of electronic communication within the judicial framework. As a long term IT partner of the BMJ, the Federal Computing Centre of Austria (BRZ) supported this event.

The conference was the 2nd international eJustice conference organized by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Justice. More than 150 experts from EU member states and Switzerland as well as representatives of the European Council, of the European Commission, of the Council of Europe and from various European projects accepted the invitation.

National and international expertise in cooperation

Copyright: Austrian Ministry of Justice National and international experts at the e-Justice Conference 2014

Renowned experts contributed to the success of the conference, among them were Fernando Paulino Pereira of the General Secretariat of the European Council , Dick Heiman of the European Commission, Charalambos Macheros of the Greek Council Presidency and Georg Stawa of European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice (CEPEJ) of the Council of Europe. Roland Jabkowski, CEO of the Federal Computing Center of Austria, reviewed in his statement the many years of successful cooperation with the judiciary and outlined further future collaboration. IBM Director General Tatjana Oppitz shared her viewpoint on the partnership with the BMJ. The head of the presidential section in the Federal Ministry of Justice Section Chief Dr. Josef Bosina talked about the current state of e-Justice in Austria and discussed the strategic project Justice 3.0.

In four presentations the visitors of the conference received detailed information about "e-CODEX ", "Video conferencing", "e-Filing and e-Delivery – national experiences" and "e-Filing and e-Delivery – international experiences".

In his closing statement Dr. Wilfried Bernhardt, Secretary of State in the Saxon State Ministry of Justice and of Europe, thanked all participants for the successful conference and drew an accurate conclusion:
The digitisation of daily life moves ahead incessantly and cross-border. The judiciary must remain on the cutting edge in order to meet today’s citizens expectations. This is supported by the continuous exchange between all EU Member States. Only through constant knowledge transfer IT-supported cross-border cooperation can turn into reality.

Tribute to Dr. Martin Schneider

Copyright: Austrian Ministry of Justice Federal Minister of Justice Dr. Wolfgang Brandstetter congratulates Dr. Schneider on his longstanding achievements for the Austrian Judiciary

Dr. Martin Schneider, CIO of the BMJ, is the e-Government pioneer of the judiciary. For his achievements the Federal Minister of Justice, Dr. Wolfgang Brandstetter, handed him over the Festschrift "e-Justice in Austria – experience report and European context" with the best wishes for his 60th birthday. In the Festschrift the status quo of legal informatics and legal information in Austria and Europe is described on more than 800 pages.