About BRZ

The Federal Computing Centre (BRZ) is the IT service provider and market-leading e-government partner of the Austrian federal administration.


Romanian delegation in the BRZ

Public administration and citizens are equally profiting from e-Government. The BRZ has developed IT services that have assisted the federal government in the process of modernizing its administration.
A Romanian delegation came for a visit to gain an impression of our know-how.

The Romanian Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration intends  to improve the quality of its services. In October 2013 the European Social Fund (ESF) financed a project with the objective to develop an integrated communication platform for online services. The aim is to ensure communication between the Ministry, local authorities, businesses and citizens.

In order to guarantee efficient implementation employees of the Ministry want to learn from the experience and best practices of other European administrations. During the visit in the BRZ the delegation had the chance to learn more about the Portal Services, “ELAK im Bund” (Electronic file recording system in the federal administration) as well as about various storage solutions. In addition, the members of the delegation joined discussions with our experts on concepts, implementation and challenges of administrative information technology.