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14.07.2014 Austro Control uses ELAKlight

Corporate Logo of Austro Control with an airplane

The electronic file recording system (ELAK) has a small, slender brother: ELAKlight. It is a powerful, individually customizable document management system for smaller organizational units. Austria’s aviation authority has recently brought this e-government service into its daily operations.

Austro Control is responsible for the safe and efficient handling of air traffic in the Austrian airspace. The aviation authority serves as a contact point for all regulatory issues in aviation. The launch of ELAKlight by the End of June offers a fully electronic and structured workflow.

In a first start-up-phase the ELAKlight will be used for standardized process documentation and accelerated processing of transactions with the Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology. The implementation of the service in the entire aviation industry is planned in the near future.

Thanks to the efficient cooperation with the project team of Austro Control the introduction of ELAKlight was successfully completed after three months.