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23.02.2015 IT Trends 2015 - What can we expect?

IT trends for the year 2015

Every year numerous reports appear in the media, dealing with current IT trends. With excitement the top 10 analysis, led by Gartner, one of the most well-known market research companies in the IT industry, but also of IDC are expected.

Gartner identifies trends that will be strategically important for most businesses within the next three years. These might have a significant impact on their business or could make large investments necessary. Relevant issues for the BRZ are "Security", "Cloud Computing", "Big Data", "Software-Defined Anything (SDx)" and "Intelligent Applications".

1. Computing Everywhere

The trend towards mobile devices does not decline in 2015: The use of tablets, smartphones and phablets in everyday life is pervasive. Therefore increasing focus needs to be set on the needs of mobile users in different contexts and environments and on the user experience. According to IDC, the overall global IT market is growing moderately (3.8%), the share of mobile devices is at 40%.

2. Internet of Things (IoT)

Everything is connected: The massive increase of sensors in all areas of life - from industrial production machines to the control of heating systems to "smart" gadgets - is pushing the Internet of Things further. The growth potential is enormous. In 1984 about 1,000 devices were connected to the Internet, today the figure reaches 17 billion and in 2020 the figure is expected to rise towards 50 billion (source: Gartner).

3. Big Data: Analysis with added value

The Internet of Things and the trend towards mobile devices generate a huge amount of data. As a result, it is increasingly important to process and analyse the flood of structured and unstructured data in a meaningful way. The motto: the right people shall receive the right information at the right time.

4. Intelligent Applications

In the development of systems, for instance with the help of big data analysis, these can include their application environment and then react in an appropriate manner. Systems that understand what the user intends to do, simplify usage and deliver higher-quality information.

5. Intelligent machines

Intelligent applications are essential for intelligent machines. These do not only "understand" their field of application, but also go one step further in that they learn from their environment so they can ultimately make autonomous decisions and act upon them. Self-propelled cars, sophisticated robots and virtual personal assistants already exist, but the rate of development will increase rapidly in the coming years.

6. Cloud Computing

The trend towards mobile devices continues to promote the trend towards cloud computing. But what does that mean? Abstracted IT infrastructures - such as computing power, data storage, network capacity or software applications - are dynamically adapted to usage and provided via a network.

It is essential that cloud computing must be easy and safe to use from all devices. Apart from the security of the data, their efficient management is becoming increasingly important. Another vital aspect is the synchronization of content and applications.

7. Software Defined Anything (SDx)

Agile methods in the development of applications are becoming more and more important. Only then a corresponding degree of flexibility is guaranteed. Application requirements are changing rapidly, therefore reaction during development must be quick and dynamic. Also, software-defined storages and software-defined networks are technological trends in computing centres.

8. Web-Scale IT

Web pioneers such as Amazon and Google have demonstrated how cloud services flexibly scaled up during increased usage and were reduced again when not needed. Gartner refer to this approach, which is applicable for computing centres with similar requirements, as Web scale IT.

9. Security and Self-defense

Security is more important than ever. For 70% of CEOs of internationally operating enterprises, security is within the top 3 priorities (Source: IDC). Nevertheless, IT security must not inhibit IT development. 100% protection against cyber-crime is impossible; however, the systematic use of risk assessment tools increase security significantly. Security must already be subject during the development stage of applications.

10. 3D printing

In 2015 98% more 3D printers will be delivered than in the previous year (source: Gartner). The reason for this is decreasing prices for the printing devices. 3D printing is significant in the industry, especially for the simple production of prototypes.

Everything is SMART

Gartner and IDC agree on the fact that IT is changing. The main driver of this paradigm shift, called Disruptive Technologies (Gartner) or Digital Transformation (IDC), are "smart" innovation accelerators:

  • Sensor Networks (Internet of Things)
  • Maker Machines (3D printing)
  • Augmented Humans (Google Glass)
  • Robotics (self-propelled cars)
  • Thinking Machines (adaptive systems such as Apple's "Siri") 

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