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30.04.2015 Big Data in public administration

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The Austrian Federal Computing Centre (BRZ) has been working intensively on Big Data. The findings from market research, events and from various conversations with customers and partners are now available in the form of an executive summary. Among other things, it shows applicable possible uses in public administration.

The summary shows the benefits, opportunities and possibilities of Big Data in public administration as well as threats, risks and challenges. It demonstrates different scenarios, for instance using Big Data in the fight against crime or in the prediction of epidemic diseases.

Given the large amount of data collected through analysis it is obvious how important it is to set the right focus and the right priorities. Moreover, emphasis is put on the importance of the distinction between correlation, causality, the management of irony and interpretation in the context of Big Data.

Fields of action and data strategy

In joint effort with customers and partners the Austrian Federal Computing Centre has identified specific scenarios and examples describing six fields of action. They range from new services to the modernisation of legislation, public infrastructure, fighting crime and to efficiency increase. A separate chapter points to the particular relevance of data protection in the use of Big Data analytics. Finally, technologies and skills are described that can be used within the framework of legal possibilities.

The opportunities of data use and the new technical possibilities are obvious. Both the technical solutions and the know-how for usage are available. Within administration, however, it has been recognised that the full realisation of the potential of Big Data makes it necessary to implement a jointly elaborated cross-authority data strategy. 

The executive summary “Big Data in public administration” can be downloaded in the link below.

Big Data in public administration