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30.10.2015 Innovate, cooperate, take the challenge


Euritas Summit 2015 was a two days meeting in Rome dedicated to the innovation in public administrations. Experts discussed about how Digital Agendas are radically changing public systems steering them toward the future at a European, national and regional level.

The meeting was participated by public managers, ICT professionals, e-Government experts, representatives of the highest level of European public administrations, relevant persons from the ICT industry.

The agenda was formed by contributions of prestigious representatives of European Commission DG Connect (Directorate General for Communications Networks, Content & Technology), such as Lucilla Sioli, Head of Unit "European Semester & Knowledge Base", and Alessandra Sbordoni, member of the Task Force eIDAS, Electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions.

Moreover the participation of Margarida Abecasis, Head of “ISA - Interoperability solutions for European Public Administrations - Unit” of DIGIT, Directorate-General for Informatics, with a speech dedicated to Public Sector Modernisation and the solutions developed under ISA as well as the keynote speech of Ryan Androsoff from OECD, Public Sector Innovation Unit, provided valuable information and  input for discussions.

The meeting was also occasion for a reflection about ICT governance across Europe, starting from the presentation of a Study promoted by Assinter Italia in 2015, focused on organizational and governance models within regional ICT in-hose companies in Italy, with an overview also on European context thanks to the contribution from some Euritas members (BRZ from Austria and DVZ from Germany). The presentation was made by Prof. Mariano Corso, Full Professor of Management Engineering at Politecnico di Milano, and the discussion was enriched by speeches of Euritas President, Roland Jabkowski, and Assinter Italia President, Clara Fresca Fantoni.

Finally, the Euritas Summit 2015 gave the chance to learn more about the experience in different countries such as Estonia and Malta as well as about numerous European, national and regional projects that are now in phase of development for realizing the Digital Agendas on the innovation assets, such as: Cloud Computing, Open & Big Data, eIdentity, eHealth, Trust and Security in ICT, etc.

The topics of cooperation also focused on the relationships between public administrations and private market, and on the need to find innovative ways for collaboration that could make easier the match between public request of innovation and offers from the ICT industry, even through a huger use of Public Private Partnerships and Pre-commercial Procurement. Elio Catania, President of Confindustria Digitale, the main Italian trade federation in IT field, had a speech on this items, focusing on how pre commercial cooperation between public sector and IT industry could represent an accelerator for growth and innovation.

The first day of the Summit was honored by a keynote speech of Anna Masera, Chamber of Deputies, the Lower House of the Italian Parliament, while the conclusions was realized by Antonio Samaritani, Director-General, Italian Agency for Digitalization (AgID), the most important Italian authorities for e-Government topics at national level.

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