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The Federal Computing Centre (BRZ) is the IT service provider and market-leading e-government partner of the Austrian federal administration.

10.08.2015 New Euritas member from Germany

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Since 2007, Euritas is the voice and network of public ICT service providers within Europe. The association is welcoming a new member from Germany: The Federal Office of Administration (Bundesverwaltungsamt, BVA) in Cologne. Euritas is now comprising 12 members from 7 European countries.

The German Federal Office of Administration has evolved from an authority mainly handling administrative tasks into a reliable services agency for the Federal Ministry of the Interior and the entire federal administration. Its expertise in public administration has been enhanced by services with a national and international scope.

The wide range of services includes specialized, crosssectional and administrative tasks. The BVA advisory services help other institutions with modernization, giving an impetus in the fields of strategic governance, organization, personnel, and information technology. In addition, its special solution portfolio enables the BVA to provide authorities with fast and pragmatic support at all times. With all these competences, the BVA assumes a unique position in public Administration.

"Willing to follow new paths" - this has been the BVA’s guiding motto since its foundation in 1960 and in order to meet the changing demands, the superior federal authority is continuously developing. Today, the BVA performs more than 150 specific tasks. The number of employees has increased to about 4,000 as a result of the transfer of tasks from the Federal Defence Administration.

The partnership to EURITAS was built up during a meeting of members in 2014 by a guest-presentation especially of ICT-topics in the area of cloud computing services, and has grown up to an ordinary membership since 1st, July 2015.

The purpose of the Federal Office of Administration is:

  • Joining forces within the network of Euritas (including IT management and network connectivity)
  • Provision of shared IT services for continuity, flexibility and innovation capacity
  • Reduction of IT costs (eg through joint procurement of IT, joint hiring of scarce Expertise)
  • Contribution to the development of governmental organizations in Germany

At the next Euritas Chief Executive Board (CEB) meeting in Rome Mrs. Silvia Bechtold, Vice-President of the Federal Office of Administration, will join in as representative from the German Bundesverwaltungsamt.

In addition, the Federal Office of Administration is involved at JAG (Joint Advisory Group) sessions by an administrative- and IT-professional, Mr. Thomas Schubert, who is working in international networks and serves as a multiplier forwarding all information in both directions.

Source: Euritas