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The Federal Computing Centre (BRZ) is the IT service provider and market-leading e-government partner of the Austrian federal administration.

23.04.2014 Swiss CMS meets Austrian CMS

Swiss and Austrian CMS experts at the BRZ offices Swiss and Austrian CMS experts at the BRZ offices

Experts from the Federal Office of Information Technology, Systems and Telecommunication (BIT) from Switzerland have visited the Federal Computing Centre in Austria to share their best practices and experiences from the project cms.nextgen - the Swiss equivalent of the Austrian federal CMS.

Mr. Dimitrios Diamantis, head of the business analysis at BIT, has attended the E -Government conference of the BRZ last December in Vienna. A first exchange of views on a standardized implementation of websites took place in the context of E-Government.

At the workshop on 2nd April 2014 representatives from the Austrian Federal Ministry of Finance and from BRZ had the opportunity to learn more about the project cms.nextgen, which has been introduced by Mr. Diamantis together with his colleague Mr. Peter Kuenzi. The participants from Austria have received detailed and valuable insights and best practices ranging from the organizational preparation of the tender to architecture and settlement model which will be a valuable contribution to the further development and control of the Austrian federal CMS.

Source: Euritas