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The eAward is awarded annually by the publisher ‘Report’ to exemplary ICT projects that offer the greatest customer value within business and administration. During the Austrian national final (31st January 2013) the innovative ICT solutions were presented and awarded. In collaboration with their clients Austria’s federal computing centre – the BRZ (Austrian Federal Computing Centre) submitted two projects for which they each received a nomination.

2nd place for

The open data platform enables the citizens and the economy to obtain digital records from the administration online. In cooperation with the chancellery and the federal ministry of finance, the BRZ developed an online catalogue that presents open government data which provides the citizens with a comprehensible transparency concerning administrative activity. Moreover, the open data platform also offers valuable economic opportunities for Austria. The clients relied on the BRZ’s in depth ICT competences and extensive administrative know-how for the development of the platform.

At this year’s eAward ceremony the project ‘’ was awarded 2nd place in the Viennese finale. The award was accepted by the BRZ’s chief financial officer Christine Sumper-Billinger, Gerhard Popp the directorate general of the ministry of finance and Günther Tschabuschnig from the chancellery’s office.

‘broad public impact and benefits’
‘initiative with dedication’
‘great potential for application and services’


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The ‘EuroCloud Award’ competition awards and promotes outstanding cloud computing projects that demonstrate the benefits of cloud products within public areas. Both of the BRZ’s solutions ‘’ and ‘’ were awarded the ‘EuroCloud Award 2012’ nationally and came in first and third place. In addition, ‘’ was also awarded the ‘EuroCloud Europe Award 2012’ for Europe’s best cloud service within the public administration.


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The shared-ICT-Service PORTAL AUSTRIA offers 130.000 users within the administration a cross agency, coherent and web based access to a variety of applications that reduce development and operating costs and also ensure an adherent safety standard.



The platform ‘’ permits all Austrians the access to the federal administration’s data bases via the internet. The data suppliers’ automation and self-administration was facilitated to simplify the platform extension.


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The BRZ implemented extensive green ICT measures to efficiently and sustainably improve the workplace and were awarded the ‘Green Award 2011’.  The award ceremony was part of the ‘ebiz e-government award’ (eAward).

The focus is on ICT related projects that promote saving energy, environmental protection and a positive and sustainable change for man, the economy and the environment. For the jury, the BRZ’s ‘green ICT’ initiative is a good example for energy and resource efficiency, as well as an integrated action plan that equally includes employees, ICT and the organisation.

The green ICT measures enabled the BRZ a potential annual intermediate saving of 720.000 Euro and 900 tons CO2 emissions. Therefore, the BRZ was awarded the ‘ÖkoBusinessPlan’ by the city of Vienna.
This award is given to businesses that create and implement environmental measures within their company, with the help of external consultants of the city of Vienna. The company is analysed in three phases and with support from the governing board the environmental measures are developed and staff is trained.


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The SAP quality award was created to honour customers who abide to recommended standards and implement these within the projects and operations of SAP solutions. The BRZ’s SAP Customer Centre of Expertise received the ‘SAP Quality Award 2012’ in bronze.

In recent years, a SAP platform was built in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance and the federal accounting agency, as well as in consultation with the federal financing company and the auditors for the management of assets and liabilities. On this platform, as of January 2013, all transactions of the Republic of Austria are managed and the payment transactions are made via SWIFT code, including investments and federal responsibilities. The technical realisation was carried out in cooperation with the firm CNT Management Consulting ltd.