Public government ICT service providers across Europe face similar challenges and comparable general conditions, based on the development in the ICT sector, legal frameworks as well as with regard to the developing expectations of citizens and businesses. Members of Euritas - the European Association of Public IT Service Providers - are working for the public administration and thus combining expertise in the field of  ICT as well public administration.

Euritas is the voice and network of public ICT service providers within Europe. Our members effectively combine expertise in ICT and public administration. Euritas is the melting pot for this knowledge from across Europe. Euritas enables its members to create better ICT services for administrations, businesses and citizens in Europe. The association cooperates with relevant stakeholders based on its vast experience. Euritas is recognised as an expert contact point in matters of trans-European government ICT.

Euritas is a network open to members from all European states, and promotes their interests. It supports its members in the exchange of know-how and best practices as well as in the exchange of information on relevant EU projects, programmes, applications and services. Also, Euritas finds partners for joint ICT projects and services.