HELP.GV.AT is an online cross agency platform that – based on specific living conditions, such as pregnancy, birth, marriage or housing issues - provides information on the particular official channel in Austria and partially allows their electronic execution. is conceived as a virtual hub between the administration and citizens that focuses on essentials such as transparency, clarity and intelligibility. The platform is available regardless of location and time, providing useful services for over 150 different subject matters including official channels, applicable fees, deadlines and permanently accessible forms and templates.

Once the user is logged onto the home screen content can be personalised. By entering information concerning residency the platform will automatically customise the services available. In addition, all forms regarding the particular area of residence are displayed initially. Similarly, all of the regions authorities can be selected within a mouse click. There is also a reminder service available, for example it is possible to set up a reminder about the expiry date of your passport. When registered further applications like e-safe can be used (the basic version is free). Additional information is provided by the insurance data confirmation.