The aim of the Business Service Portal (USP) is to create an optimal access to administrative matters for business people. These ideal conditions are created through modern and efficient management and digital workflows. The Ministry of Finance commissioned Austria’s Federal Computing Centre to develop the first phase of the Business Service Portal. The production of the first phase involved the implementation of the entire portal including managing the access and task allocations and technical engineering for the USP editorial, integrating the methods of external federal offices, online access of several registers and the provision of a service centre containing its own hotline support.

On the 23 May 2012 the ‘USP Phase 1.0’ was launched and since then a one-stop –online-shop is available. The USP enables companies to make enquiries on administrative affairs. The portal offers the relevant information and supports the companies to quickly, efficiently and safely handle the action requirements (such as management of personnel documents, registrations or employee sick leave information). For the first time, the Business Service Portal ensures that all official channels that concern business affairs are reliably covered within one portal.