About BRZ

The Federal Computing Centre (BRZ) is the IT service provider and market-leading e-government partner of the Austrian federal administration.

Austria counts on us

The Austrian Federal Computing Centre – BRZ (Austrian Federal Computing Centre) is the market leading e-government partner of the federal administration in Austria. The BRZ is in charge of approximately 1.200 employees that oversee more than 30.000 ICT workplaces in 1.200 locations, producing an annual turnover of 265.3 Mil. Euro (2012). Overall, the company develops and operates more than 350 e-government applications that are used by more than three million users.

The company is owned by the Republic of Austria and represented by the ministry of finance. The core market is made up of the federal ministries and subordinate offices, top end organs and spin-off legal entities, e.g. the chamber of labour, universities and the federal accounting agency. The BRZ also cooperates in international projects, such as the ‘European Association of Public IT Service Providers’ (Euritas).

Cost Efficiency

The BRZ is setting an example concerning the administration’s increasingly scarce budget, ensuring cost efficiency whilst advancing the service quality consistently. Moreover, the company managed to significantly reduce the federal ICT costs through enhancing efficiency and productivity. The cooperation of the federation and the BRZ has saved the federation more than 132 Mil. Euro since 2008.  This result was achieved through consistent standardisation, virtualisation, consolidation, automation, pooling and reuse – thus by using industrial methods.

Innovation partner BRZ

The BRZ also deals with on-going ICT innovations. Therefore, the attained know-how can be provided to our administration and customers. The main topics include the ICT trends: cloud computing, mobility, social media and open government, as well as the IT industrialisation.

Privacy and Security

As the federations leading ICT service provider the BRZ is one of the largest computing centres in Austria, in which highly sensitive data has to be secured and protected. The company has an internationally recognised and certified information-security-management-system (ISMS) according to the ISO 27001 standard. Technical and organisational high security measures ensure the reduction of risk and therefore, the necessary level of safety. The BRZ has implemented more than 250 basic protection measures within the property areas: access protection, personal -, server -, database -, data storage -, software - and computer application security. Furthermore, the company is a member of the ‘CERT network’ and the ‘A-SIT’ that both ensure the centres secure IT.

Becoming Austria’s ‘Greenest’ Computing Centre

The subject matter ‘green ICT’ has a special, strategic importance to the BRZ. The company launched ‘green ICT’ guidelines that focus on the responsible use of resources and the efficient use of energy within every company division. The electricity demand was lowered by more than 25%, which is the equivalent to an annual saving of 950 tons of CO2 emissions or the energy consumption of 2.000 households. Being economical and caring for the environment are both important to the BRZ