The BRZ monitors the on-going innovations on the ICT market in context of their strategic initiatives. Therefore, the company can ensure that their system and know-how is up to date. The company’s focus subjects include: software industrialisation, cloud computing, mobility, social media and open government.

Software industrialisation

The use of standardised infrastructure products offers cheap and high quality solutions. Today, the software industrialisation has become a standard within server and storage infrastructure. Within software industry the demand for industrialisation is becoming stronger. This demand is driven by an increase in efficiency and the need to reduce costs. The sustainable ICT consolidation act (ICT) is the government’s response to these developments and the BRZ plays a key role. As the Federal Computing Centre, the company’s function is to pursue the federal demands. Moreover, an increase in efficiency is possible through reuse and standardisation.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is one of the most significant subjects in the ICT government and service market. The public uses cloud computing to improve cost efficiency and to share ICT resources (infrastructure, platform, software) to strengthen the ICT infrastructures. The BRZ has developed cloud solutions that have made a significant contribution to the implementation of a cloud management. In 2012 the BRZ, in collaboration with the e-gov Portal Services, won the ‘EuroCloud Austria Award’ and the ‘EuroCloud Europe Award’ for the category of best public administration cloud service.


The trend to offer relevant information that is available regardless of location and time is becoming increasingly important to the public administration. Thus, the BRZ is required to specify and develop appropriate solutions for its customers. The company has successfully implemented several mobility projects and is continuously working hard on developing further solutions. The BRZ was awarded the ‘SAP Innovation Award 2011’ for a mobility prototype that enables applications on a Blackberry mobile phone.