Security is the company’s top priority. The BRZ has an internationally recognised and certified information-security-management-system (ISMS) according to the ISO 27001 standard. This standard specifies the requirements for the production, implementation, operation, monitoring, maintenance and documentation of ISMS, whilst considering the ICT risks within the organisation. The standard supports the safety of information by defining measures and goals, e.g. during the compliance of laws and other guidelines such as the cost efficient management of security risks.

The ISO 27001 standard enables the BRZ to offer its customers an internationally certified safety guarantee. The certificate also proves the quality of the company’s successful and responsible actions. Through utilising the change management norm complex security correlations are controllable and measurable. This enables the continuous improvement of the security standard.

The reduction of risk and therefore, ensuring the necessary level of safety, is provided by technical and organisational high-security measures. The BRZ has implemented more than 250 basic protection measures within the areas of property: access protection, personal-, server-, database-, data storage-, software- and computer application security. Furthermore, the BRZ is a member of ‘CERT network’ and the ‘A-SIT’ that both ensure the centre’s secure ICT.